I am so surprised that the insurance industry has agreed to fund the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) for so long.

Most of the work of this organisation is to seek out and pay for untraceable and uninsured drivers, and yet it is being funded by the law-abiding citizens who pay, according to recent reports, £30 each towards MIB running costs.

I am sure there are better ways of funding this and I will offer one suggestion. Why should it not be funded by an increase in fuel prices? Not a vote winner I know, but read on.

If we assume an average mileage of 10,000 and an average fuel consumption of 25mpg, this gives an average amount of fuel bought at 400 gallons. If the £30 costs were to be collected this way it would only increase fuel prices by 7.5p per gallon, yet there would be a total saving of £31.50.

There is another benefit to funding the MIB this way. Uninsured drivers would also be paying towards the costs when they buy fuel, thus easing the burden on honest motorists.

Andrew Kirby
Account manager
Clement Gallagher & Co.