Broker says personal injury paper is "almost unfit for purpose".

Aon has responded to the Government consultation on case track limits and the claims process for personal injury claims, describing the MoJ reforms as "toothless".

John Bell, head of claims at Aon Risk Services said: “After lengthy delays the paper has now been delivered, late and so watered down as to be almost unfit for purpose. All reform has been limited to injuries following road traffic accidents, on the basis that these constitute 75% of all injury claims.

"Costs and time limits for all other employers and public liability claims are unchanged and the Government has turned its back on the possibility of real sea change reforms to tackle the burgeoning compensation culture for businesses.

"It is not disputed that a victim of an accident caused by others should not be adequately compensated. However, it is questionable whether so many other parties involved should profit from such misfortune, sometimes to a greater extent than the claimant.

"It is now up to the insurance industry to act to drive out referral fees and other practices which, rather than fairly compensating the victims, add to costs incurred solely as part of the process. This means applying their own restricted timescales to the claims process and allowing scope for mediated claims settlements, supported by robust return to work/rehabilitation programmes."