’We have to provide the right environment for our underwriters and business to flourish,’ says managing director 

Bspoke Commercial is investing more in technology and creating new divisions as it looks to continue helping its underwriters make “better and faster” decisions, according to managing director Nick Grazier. 

Grazier told Insurance Times that it was essential for the specialist MGA to provide the right environment for underwriters to “flourish” and that he wanted the firm to be “at the front and top of people’s minds”.

To do this, he said that “environment and culture” played a pivotal role in the execution of strategy.

“In order to leverage our underwriting expertise and be agile in our decision making we need to have data excellence,” he said.

“This is an area that we are continuing to invest more in both in terms of people and the technology our underwriters need to make better, faster decisions.

“We have to provide the right environment for our underwriters and business to flourish and we have been working hard to create and develop the right environment to help us attract the best talent for delivering our plans across Bspoke Commercial.”

Underwriting divisions 

Grazier was announced as the new managing director of Bspoke Commercial – part of the Bspoke Group – earlier this month (6 June 2023).

His new role incorporates the leadership of the Bspoke Commercial, Bspoke Private Clients and Bspoke Sports and Leisure businesses.

In a bid to provide the right environment for underwriters, he said the firm was “committed” to developing new specialist underwriting divisions.

Grazier said that he had “a very clear idea” of what this needed to look like.

“We have a well-developed structure in place that will support and facilitate this process,” he said.

“We are already extremely well advanced with our plans and will be launching the first of these during the remainder of 2023.”

He added that he wanted underwriters who were “entrepreneurial, hungry and driven to succeed”.

“I like underwriters who want to get out and work with brokers,” he said.

“Sitting at a desk, whether this is at home or in the office, and waiting for the business to come in just isn’t for me.

“We align outcomes for underwriters with our capacity providers and reward them with a genuine share of the underwriting success.

“Finally, whilst underwriters may have great ideas, they may not know how to shape these into a business plan.

“For me that’s ok, after the initial engagement we will work with them to get this right, we have the resources and expertise across our business that can make this happen.”