Carole Nash joins fellow Atlanta Group brokers Swinton and Autonet on the CDL platform

Carole Nash has joined Swinton and Autonet in partnering with software provider CDL.

The three Ardonagh owned brokers are collectively known as the Atlanta Group. By bringing Carole Nash onto CDL, the group hopes it will enable agents to work across the Carole Nash and Autonet brands to increase capacity within the group.

Director of systems delivery at the Atlanta Group, Jeff Mountford, said the move would allow more sophisticated pricing models across its brands and encourage growth.

Mountford added: “Powerful digital capabilities have always been at the heart of Autonet’s success and will continue to underpin the group’s ambitions going forward.

“Bringing the Carole Nash business onto CDL delivers seamless integration across our operation, enabling greater efficiencies and the economies of scale associated with supporting and training people on one system.

“It also enables us to deploy resources effectively and avoid the peaks and troughs in call volumes associated with the seasonal nature of motorcycle insurance.”

Carole Nash will have access to CDL’s real time pricing capabilities, in conjunction with its high speed Hummingbird data analytics tool.

Nigel Phillips, CDL commercial director, added: “We are delighted to be supporting the Atlanta Group to realise greater efficiencies, capabilities and speed to market as a result of this move.”