The body will engage with FCA guidance on dealing with vulnerable customers too

The Society of Claims Professionals, part of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), has confirmed that its 2020 focus will be to address the public’s negative perceptions of the claims process.

The society, which launched one year ago, will also engage with guidance produced by the FCA on how to deal with vulnerable customers.

Sue McCall, chair of the Society of Claims Professionals, said: “Claims is one of the most customer-facing sectors of the insurance profession and by its very nature we are often dealing with customers in need of support and guidance.

“If we can get this right, we could really shift the way our profession is perceived in wider society. I look forward to working with the board to address the key issues facing our sector in 2020 and beyond.”

Year ahead

The Society of Claims Professionals, which has 10,000 members, is a dedicated community that supports claims professionals through the provision of good practice guidance, thought leadership and a programme of continued professional development.

To date, the body has issued guidance on topics such as subsidence, disputed claims and fraud.

Matthew Hall, strategy and operations manager at the CII, added: “We often say that insurance is a promise to put things right when they go wrong, and so claims must be the proof of the promise.

“The claims sector is often judged on how we treat our most vulnerable customers, and it is vital we are able to identify vulnerability in its many different forms, offering appropriate support and assistance to those in need.

“Our work on customer vulnerability will continue to grow, and we look forward to taking the high-level guidance of the FCA’s consultation and helping our members translate this to good culture and behavior in their organisations.

“Closely allied to this is our work on how we treat and support those within the profession who have particular needs. Like many professions, we must strive to do more to provide an inclusion and supportive environment.”