Warning comes as schools step in produce protective equipment

Schools are being warned on the insurance risk of producing personal protective equipment (PPE) as protection against contracting Covid-19.

In a recent circular sent to its schools by Derbyshire County Council, the authority warned that schools making PPE using 3D printers and other resources could risk invalidating public liability policies if strict criteria are not met.

In a statement received by the Derbyshire Live website, the council said: “It’s heartening that schools want to help support the work of frontline staff during the coronavirus pandemic and we’re pleased we can help support that.

“We’ve had a few enquiries from schools about making PPE so we posted information on the S4S website to ensure this great work is covered by our insurance policy to protect them.”

Schools have stepped in to offer their assistance amid a global shortage of PPE due to unprecedented demand.

Derbyshire County Council’s checklist for schools and libraries:

“If DCC’s schools or libraries are to consider production of PPE equipment using their 3D printers or other equipment, the Derbyshire County Council insurance team need the following information:

  • Who is providing the design details for the products?

  • Does the design confirm to the appropriate specifications required by the NHS etc?

  • Is any payment for the design required?

  • Does the design specify the materials to be used in detail such that the finished products will meet the required specifications of the end users?

  • How many of the masks will be produced?

  • Who will the masks be for? Are they aware that they are being made for them or will they just be donated?

  • Will there be any income arising from the production of the equipment?