It could save around 30 minutes per quote

Home & Legacy has revealed its online e-trading strategy for the year.

The high net worth broker added motor to its etrade platform, Home & Legacy Online. Its underwriting and markets director Ade Ewington told Insurance Times that he hopes to launch its landlord offering on the platform in Q4. All of its products are targetted to be made available online by the year end.

In adding motor to its online offering,the firm’s intentions are to support brokers working more efficiently.

The quotes that brokers receive will be the same regardless of the engagement journey they take (ie through email submission or through Home & Legacy Online), but the broker benefit through the e-trade platform will be a much quicker response.

Ewington said that in this way the platform is a “complimentary investment.”

He explained: “We have not done this to use the system to replace people, if anything we have done it to ensure staff are more readily available to add extra value, it’s very much about the lifestyle of the client.”.

“From a cost perspective, it’s obviously cost us money to develop the solution but that is money we see it as a complimentary investment.”

It is intended to reinvigorate the firm’s online offering, making it more useable from a broker perspective as well as internally.


Ade Ewington 2018

Ade Ewington, underwriting and markets director at Home and Legacy 

Strong digital solution

It allows brokers to access Home & Legacy’s products more efficiently.

And the firm believes that having a “strong digital solution” is very important as it goes forward with the addition of the full product range later this year which will include features such as webchat.

Transactional efficiency

It has aimed to deliver “transactional efficiency”, meaning that the brokers interaction with the firm’s online portal would be something beneficial.

Ewington explained that since the launch of the platform, the high net worth broker has seen a positive uptick of 30% more quotes generated through its use.

The firm has also seen a “continued increase” of quotes per month.

Commenting on why motor was chosen specifically, he added: “It has been a key growth area for us over the last three years, we have seen is continued growth in quote and sales activity.

“We wanted to continue the growth story of motor by moving it to Home & Legacy Online for brokers to benefit.”

Quicker response

And it’s the first time that the high net worth broker has made motor available via an online portal, it was previously carried out via an interactive pdf document.

But now motor has adopted the same looking and feel as the high net worth broker’s household products using Acturis as its chosen software provider – a firm that has a long standing relationship with the firm dating back to 2007.

It uses “collapsible fields” so only questions that are relevant to the risk are answered and new information appears depending on the answers given.

Ewington said it allows its motor team to respond quicker to quote opportunities as information is loaded automatically enabling the underwriter to review it and generate a quote if necessary.

He added: “It saves the broker having to fill out a form and then us having to rekey that information into our system, therefore it makes the process a whole lot easier.”


Ewington explained that moving motor online has saved approximately 30 minutes per quote - it currently sees 35-40 quotes daily.

And the etrade platform can incorporate multiple car risks for classic cars for those who require high value insurance. 


Going forward Home & Legacy hopes to continue the growth of its products while mantaining a strong online presence. 

He added: ”When it comes to high net worth risk, it can be more complex but the same need to have an efficient way of transferring data between the broker and provider is very important, as it helps us then get to the value added part of the conversation such the clients lifestyle.”

Home & Legacy originally launched its online offering in September 2016 for households. The broker is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allianz. 

Recently Allianz ruled out adding personal lines products to etrade this year.