’As a nation, we need to become more resilient to extreme weather events,’ says head

Millions of pounds worth of flood damage was reported to NFU Mutual after Storm Henk battered the UK.

The storm first struck on 2 January 2024, with heavy rain and strong winds having continued throughout the week.

This resulted in flooding in several parts of the UK, while residential and commercial properties were damaged.

Insurer NFU Mutual said that flood damage reported to the firm as a result of the storm had neared £10m.

The firm is now urging homeowners to make their properties more resilient to future flooding.

Sean Walkden, head of property claims, said: “As an insurer, we know that the default option for both homeowners and loss adjusters following a flood can often be to begin restoring the property to how it was before, replacing like for like.

“But, with more properties expected to be at risk of flooding in the coming decades, now is time to think about making homes more resilient to future flooding.

“While it can be difficult to entirely prevent at-risk homes from flooding, making resilient repairs now can protect your property by reducing the disruption and damage caused by subsequent floods by thousands of pounds.”


Since 2017, NFU Mutual has paid over £1m towards the installation of flood resilience measures.

Such measures can include rewiring sockets higher up the wall, replacing damaged skirting or cabinetry with PVC or metal alternatives, or electing to install waterproof flooring when the old floor is damaged.

NFU Mutual felt insurers and loss adjusters should open conversations with customers about undertaking such work.

“As a nation, we need to become more resilient to extreme weather events to better protect people and property, as well as controlling the cost of flooding,” Walkden said.

“A key part of that response must be making sure we adapt after a flood.

“NFU Mutual is therefore urging people who’ve suffered flood damage to take the opportunity to make flood resilient repairs – particularly where their insurer, like NFU Mutual, offers to contribute towards them.”