Prashant Tekchandani, senior vice president of Xceedance, discusses one of the company’s two entries into the Business Partner of the Year category

Briefly explain why you entered the Business Partner of the Year category?

Prashant Tekchandani Senior Vice President

Prashant Tekchandani

At Xceedance, our team is focused on driving change in the industry, helping our partners mitigate market challenges with profound insurance proficiency and intelligent technology.

This category spoke to us as it aligns so neatly with our raison d’être. We are committed to adding direct value to the insurance business.

And we can demonstrate how we make this happen through transformative projects with clients based in the UK, for example through the significant reduction of outstanding balances or meticulous data reconciliation to ensure accurate record keeping and an up-to-date book.

Our fundamental objectives encompass amplifying operational efficiency, empowering informed decision-making and catalysing organic business growth.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

Xceedance empowers global insurance organisations with strategic operations support, innovative technology and data-driven services.

By working with Xceedance, clients realise concrete and tangible benefits, as demonstrated in our submission. The exceptional aspect of our approach lies in the personalised, domain-driven solutions we craft, underpinned by our insurance-only expertise.

Xceedance should win this award as we consistently deliver upon our promise – to help insurance organisations modernize operations, achieve a sustainable competitive edge in the digital age and grow in an increasingly customer-centric market.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Xceedance has embarked on transformative partnerships with prominent players in the UK insurance sector, demonstrating our prowess in addressing multifaceted challenges along the insurance value chain.

We reached a landmark in 2023 – ten years in business. As we grow, we continue demonstrating our expertise to an ever-wider audience.

Winning this award will amount to significant recognition from an independent and high-profile specialist insurance publication. It will add weight to our own assertions regarding our expertise and help us establish even more credibility as we expand into new markets.

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