’This application will further enhance Redline’s market knowledge,’ says global head of sales

Lloyd’s coverholder Redline Underwriting has teamed up with Moody’s RMS as part of plans to streamline its processes.

A statement released yesterday (21 November 2023) said the deal would see Redline adopt the Risk Modeler application available on the Moody’s RMS intelligent risk platform (IRP), which can evaluate future risks through applications and analytics.

In turn, Redline will create a workflow from account underwriting through to portfolio management, aggregation and reinsurance cat treaty analysis.

The platform will be available to users in the London market.

Adriana Cisneros, head of underwriting at Redline, said: “Engaging in a cat modeling capability at such an early stage underscores our unwavering commitment to offering the best underwriting platform to our capacity providers. 

”Implementing the IRP will improve our understanding of underwriting criteria for placing profitable business and end-to-end workflow for account-level metrics.

”It will also allow us to set up successful streamlined processes for managing accumulation and portfolio management.” 


Moody’s RMS will work closely with Redline to help onboard the platform and application and to train their team on implementing the application in-house.  

The agreement between the two firms will also see Redline continue to expand in the Latin American market as well as invest in new locations.

Mike Richitelli, global head of sales at Moody’s RMS, said: “This application will further enhance Redline’s market knowledge and their closeness to partners as we work to provide them with valuable insights that align with their underwriting goals. 

”We look forward to working with them to further drive their underwriting excellence across the Latin American region.”