Underwriters of concerts and events will not be looking to take advantage of the London terrorist attacks by hiking prices, according to event insurer SLE Worldwide.

Richard Higgs, underwriting manager of SLE said: "As an industry we have always been aware of the risk of terrorist attack, even when much of the general public hasn't.

"It would be cynical to hike rates in light of events in London. Our underwriting strategy hasn't changed so we won't be looking to capitalise."

It is expected, however, that event organisers will be looking to extend the level of cover they take out to include business interruption from the threat of terrorism.

Higgs said: "The basic events policies may provide cover for actual terrorist attack but a far more likely risk is to have to cancel an event due to the threat of terrorism. This was seen with the Queen concert in Hyde Park the day after the events in London."

SLE insures over 250,000 events annually including the England cricket board and the Williams Formula One team.