Claims 2000 is launching a no win, no fee high street chain to handle personal injuries claims.

The shops will open over the next 18 months.

Claims 2000 managing director David Peacock said his company and the two solicitors' firms involved, Bulloughs Day in Bristol and Bakewells in Derby, would fill the gap left by no win, no fee claims companies.

Claims 2000 is fully indemnified by the company's own Lawclub Benchmark policy, which meant claimants did not need to take out insurance.

He claimed this made his three-year-old Yarmouth company “truly no win, no fee”, instead taking a cut of up to 30% of any compensation won.

Peacock opened his first shop in Peterborough and is now offering insurance brokers “agency agreements” prior to opening further shops.

“I've chosen brokers because the feedback I've got is that their profits have been cut to the bone by the large overheads and having their commissions cut by the big insurers,” he said.

“Some brokers are saying they need a second income to survive and, to an extent, they're already dealing in this area with road traffic claims.

“I want them to expand into other areas of personal injury claims, such as slips and trips.”

The agency brokers, who will be given training by Peacock, will receive a commission in return for referring cases.

Peacock said the broker package would be available within six months and the shops set up in the next 12 to 18 months.

He said the “accident centre” shops would only open in areas where an agency broker did not exist.

Peacock said he wanted to distance his company from other personal injury claims companies.

“I stress that we're not involved in over-charging insurance premiums,” he said.

He claimed a success rate of 90% in cases his company has handled.

Claims 2000 has handled more than £1m worth of claims in the past three years.