I was intrigued to read the comments of Ray Kneeshaw on my recent article "BTE - beauty or beast?" (Legal Report, August).

The purpose of the article was to raise a number of issues including the lack of freedom of choice of solicitor and questioning the fact that insurers dictate the choice of lawyer for both claimants and defendants.

Disappointingly, Mr Kneeshaw makes no reference to either of these points in his letter, commenting only on the profit potential (or by implication, the lack of it).

I was careful not to debate profitability; it was of course DAS's own figures - £12m profit in 2005 - that prompted me to mention revenues from referral fees.

Mr Kneeshaw can be reassured, if reassurance is needed, that I am not contemplating a career change from law to insurance.

Nevertheless, I think I'll take a closer look at the DAS ATE financial model expounded in Rogers v Merthyr Tyfil BC.

Maybe another article coming on... or do I need to get out more?

Hugh Price
Hugh James