Betty Grable may have covered her legs and all-girl string quartet Bond may have protected their fingers, but ordinary people can now join the realms of the superstars by taking out insurance on their physical assets.

Milo Cover's new eyes and hands policy is targeting students, parents with children and officer workers. It will pay a tax-free lump sum of £150,000 to anyone losing sight or a limb due to an accident. The premium is £25.

The new Lloyd's policy is available for anyone between the age of five and 60 and will be managed by brokers Harrison-Beaumont of Witney. Payouts will either allow retirement or be used for retraining following an injury.

Milo Cover spokesman Alan Broad said: “Most careers today depend totally upon our eyes and hands. In the past, this has been the province of top performers, like Betty Grable's legs and Yehudi Menuhin's fingers.

“But we're all performers now and if this protection made sense to them, it's equally valid to the rest of us sitting at our computers to earn our crust, from primary school right through to middle management.”

He added that young people were particularly vulnerable, as they were dependent on computers at school, university and in earlier years at work.

Sporting, playground and motor accidents are also included in the policy.