Spanish practices, for many, conjures up an image of out-of-date and restrictive practices, but not for Backchat. For him, it brings to mind a relaxed, friendly and warm service in a country he loves.

So it came as no surprise to Backchat to hear about a claim handled recently by the Spanish insurer over here, Ocaso. An elderly woman claimed for damage to her front door caused by the police. Although Ocaso didn't, technically, have to pay out, instead of putting the poor woman through the proverbial Spanish Inquisition, the company agreed to stump up the cash.

The poor dear had fallen asleep on her home bleeper alarm, prompting the police into an emergency response that involved smashing through her front door in their heroic rescue attempt.

Backchat is assured that his amigos at Ocaso repaired the door fully as a gesture of goodwill. And they didn't put it off until mañana.

Muy bien.