Re driving other cars benefit (News, 4 August) Does common sense ever prevail in this industry ? For once why can't insurance companies do the sensible thing and do it together and stop the driving other cars (DOC) benefit. We all managed to get regulated from the same date and inform clients of this fact so it is possible.

Some insurers want to keep it others don't , some give it with third party fire and theft cover while some only with comprehensive.

There is no such thing as fully comprehensive. How can there be with policy excess restrictions and exclusions - once again misleading the consumer. Is the public aware that changing occupation could result in it being removed?

The DOC wording along with other sections are different in the policies of NU, MMA, Provident , Direct Line and many more. Therefore any client moving broker/insurer will get a change in cover.

The Consumers' Association has concerns over communicating changes of cover, well we manage it for all the other changes that happen .

Norwich Union is quite correct when it says it makes the motor insurance database impractical. If you are hit while someone is DOC how do you obtain insurance details if they don't stop.

I'm sure its been suggested that the only way to really prevent a vehicle being driven uninsured by mistake or deliberately is to include limited third party cover within the car tax so it is attached to the vehicle itself or a levy on petrol.

It's not a vote winner but, hey, what's wrong with another 'tax' which goes to bolster the Motor Insurers' Bureau reserves.

David Sutton
Douglas Insurance Service