Christmas time always brings old friends and colleagues together. So it was no real surprise when Backchat bumped into some ex-Churchill employees at London eaterie Langan's last week.

The Mayfair restaurant has always been a haunt for the well-heeled of the insurance world. Churchill Insurance founder Martin Long was rumoured to use its private dining rooms at least once a week and held his retirement party there.

No surprise then that his old chief executive John O'Roarke, who has since left the company after its takeover by RBS, had decided to use the venue to meet up with Peter Horton, the company's ex-claims director.

As they say in this industry, no one ever retires, they just re-invent themselves. Andy Blowers's employs many ex-Churchill staff and has been a successful new entrant to the market. Could these Xmas drinks lead to a new O'Roarke venture?

He wasn't giving anything away.