A leaked government report suggesting the 7 July bombings in London were not carried out by members of a global terror network will not prevent Pool Re paying claims arising from the incident, its chief executive has said.

Recent newspaper reports suggested the Home Office will conclude that the coordinated attacks on London's transport system were not carried out by a global terror network but by four men on a "shoestring" budget.

The official narrative from a senior civil servant has led to questions about whether claims would now fall outside the Pool Re scheme.

But Steve Atkins, chief executive of Pool Re, said the Treasury had already issued the relevant documentation that confirmed the events of 7 July did involve 'acts of terrorism' under the Pool Re scheme.

The scheme defines an act of terrorism as: "Acts of persons acting on behalf of, or in connection with, any organisation which carries out activities directed towards the overthrowing or influencing, by force or violence, of Her Majesty's government in the United Kingdom or any other government de jure or de facto."