Pressure is mounting to make 95% of the market contract certain ahead of the FSA's December deadline.

It comes as Airmic published guidance to risk managers and insurance buyers to help them achieve contract certainty.

"The purpose of our guidance is to consolidate the

lessons we have learned and to look ahead to the day when virtually all our members ' contracts are delivered before they go live," Paul Hopkin, Airmic technical manager, told the trade body's annual conference last week.

"We also flag up the issue of contract clarity. Receiving the paperwork on time is just one part of the equation. It's also vital to ensure that you know exactly what your policy will and won't do."

But one broker warned: "It will be the last 5% that will be difficult and almost impossible to get."

The contract certainty regional committee is also stepping up its guidance to the market.

Clive Wood, Royal & SunAlliance head of UK regulatory risk and compliance, sits on the committee. He told Insurance Times: "We are looking at the few remaining issues out there, for example 'subject to survey' clauses."

A sub committee has been formed to establish how prescriptive brokers should be in what is submitted to insurers. Feedback will be given to the market next month.