The government is to redraft parts of the proposed Corporate Manslaughter Bill following recommendations from the Home Affairs and Work and Pensions committees.

This will include a reframing of the crucial test of "management failure".

Once the redrafting has taken place, a draft corporate manslaughter bill will be introduced "as soon as parliamentary time allows," according to Home Office minister Fiona Mactaggart.

It is understood the new 'management failure' test will examine the way a company as a whole is managed and how it organises its activities.

The government wants juries to understand the corporate culture so that it can decide if this encouraged management failure.

The original Bill proposed the offence only for gross breaches by senior managers rather than management failure.

Critics said this could be difficult to prove in terms of identifying the senior managers who could try to pass the blame onto managers lower down in the company.

The government said it would keep the concept of a "gross breach of a duty of care" as being the basis of the new offence.

Mick Antoniw, partner with solicitor Thompsons, said he was "optimistic the new law can have a real impact on health and safety and reduce the number of serious accidents and deaths at work".