Major attacks on the scale of 9/11 are being stifled by counter-terrorism efforts worldwide

Aon has expressed concern about the re-emergence of traditional left-wing and nationalist terrorism.

The company’s analysis of its latest annual Terrorism Threat Map, which was published last week, highlighted worries over growing levels of activity by nationalist and left-wing movements, following an increase over the past year of threatened and actual attacks in Northern Ireland, Greece, Russia, Argentina and Chile.

According to the map, the UK remains under a ‘high’ threat of terrorism – the second-highest category possible. But Aon said that the ability of terror groups to mount one-off major attacks, like 9/11, has been stifled by international counter-terrorism efforts.

The map shows that the threat of terrorism has increased in 15 countries, including Chile, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The threat has fallen in 14 countries, including Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Georgia, Jordan, the Maldives, the Netherlands, Spain and Sri Lanka.