New partnership has capacity deal with AIG

Julie Rodilosso, founder of Rarrigini and Rosso, has made a comeback to the industry with the launch of new start-up partnership Adding1.

A capacity deal has been signed with AIG, and Rodilosso is now looking to select up to 300 intermediaries to sit on an exclusive panel. Those selected will receive a number of marketing tools.

Speaking exclusively to Insurance Times Rodilosso said: "Adding1 will be the intermediary's angel. We can offer competitive product value, backed up with more marketing support than any other sales organisation.

"As business is getting harder and harder to obtain we can deliver all the tools and services to ensure our partners not only compete...but ultimately win."

The company, which was officially launched this week, is based in Jersey, where Rodilosso settled after the sale of R&R to THB for a reported £11.8m.

Its initial portfolio includes commercial combined, fleet, school, charities, with other products being continually developed. Brokers can expect to receive a 13% commission on fleet, and 20% for commercial combined.

A marketing campaign is underway with a mail shot featuring pink marketing material being sent to 5,000 brokers. The company has marketed itself as a dating agency, promising to help brokers find the "perfect match" for their clients.

Rodilosso said: "We are looking for shakers and movers, people who want to grow their business, and grow SME. We need to vet them and they've got to be pretty special."

Brokers will ultimately be able to build up credit points as they bring in business. They can be exchanged for marketing materials such as letterheads and compliment slips which come in eight bespoke designs.

Tom Doherty, AIG Europe's senior vice president responsible for UK corporate business, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to become involved and support a new sales channel for AIG Europe."