Insurer will launch tradespeople and home business cover this month

RSA is launching electronically traded liability cover for tradespeople and home workers.

The new policies will be available on RSA Online and Acturis later this month as the insurer looks to grow sales for the micro end of SME with its broker portal.

The premiums for some risks will start at £100 and the policies can cover thousands of micro business types, including dog walkers and mobile hairdressers.

Head of SME deals Russell White said the products would help brokers arrange insurance for premiums they might have previously considered too small.

The policies predominantly cover liability and the trade cover include option additions such as tools and contract work.

White said: “SME is a growth area and we see it as really relevant as the economy starts to show encouraging signs. But ultimately we want to help our brokers to trade more efficiently and deliver the best possible service to customers.

“If we can get e-trading right as an industry, we think we can really enhance the reputation of the insurance industry in the UK.”

RSA Online will expand its product range further in January with restaurants and small hotels cover.

RSA already sells property, office, shop and mini-fleet cover.