Insurer has said move will not affect relationship with other non-platinum brokers

RSA has opened its third trading site today for top performing brokers in Edinburgh.

This is RSA’s 12th trading site and its third for top commercial brokers to trade locally with a range of experienced underwriters.

The site has been actively trading since December, but was officially opened today.

The insurer opened its second site for platinum brokers in Leicester last month and the first back in September in Redhill.

Commercial managing director Jon Hancock said: “Over the past six months, we have successfully launched a series of trading sites across the UK, which has enabled us to further develop our relationships with brokers and continue to grow our business sustainably.”

The insurer has said the move does not affect its relationship with other non-platinum intermediaries who continue to trade with the insurer by phone and electronically.

The other trading sites are in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Horsham, London and Ipswich.