A PROPOSAL to step up regulation of school trips is expected to cut claims against local authorities, following the death of three students this summer.

The government will work with local authorities to agree good practice in overseeing visits.

It will also clarify the legal powers and duties of local authorities and schools under existing health and safety legislation.

The minister for young people and learning, Ivan Lewis, said: "We must always be willing to learn lessons when things go wrong and review existing policies."

Lambeth Council has already tightened its rules following the death of 11-year old Bunmi Shagaya, who drowned on a school trip to France.

All future trips abroad by schools in the borough will have to be approved by a new health and safety adviser appointed by Lambeth Council.

Other students who died on school trips this year include Amelia Ward, who was hit by falling rocks while on a trip to South Africa, and Amy Ransom, who fell to her death while trekking in Vietnam.