Backchat has always been a fan of silly-season surveys and Norwich Union (NU) gave us a classic this week.

It highlighted careless Brits on holiday, who lose on average £555 worth of gadgetry from beach bags.

But the research also found that most women would prefer to look like Charlotte Church in their holiday snaps than the emaciated Posh Beckham. The men surveyed preferred to have their torso immortalised like Beckham, rather than Welsh rarebit Gavin Henson, Church's rugby-playing boyfriend.

Backchat, who is an avid reader of Heat, remembers the last picture of Church published - staggering with smudged make-up, Bacardi Breezer in one hand and fag hanging off her lips.

Backchat looks forward to seeing a few NU policy-holders on the Blighty seafronts this summer.