There's risk, and there's risk, but SLE Worldwide didn't let it stop them coming to the rescue of some hacks in their efforts to make a historical journey.

Two journalists, intent on taking part in a 55-strong light aircraft recreation of Amy Johnson's trip that took off on Sunday, were having trouble getting cover for their flight.

They contacted an Australian broker, who put them in touch with Peter Taylor of Insurance Solutions, who in turn passed them to Peter Sturgess of Norman, Butcher & Jones.

Sturgess introduced the pair to SLE and, over a very long lunch, the SLE guys agreed to sell the hacks £500,000 worth of cover for £500.

Backchat wonders if, had the risk-taking pair from SLE known that two journalists flying over from America to take part in the historic flight had plunged into the sea near Iceland, they would have been so keen to help.