Guests at the Lloyd's Yacht Club dinner last week, held at the Landmark Hotel in London, suddenly found that they had a little of the X-Factor injected into their lives.

Staying at the hotel was Sharon Osbourne, one of the judges of ITV's X Factor show and famously married to rock legend Ozzy.

Halfway through the yacht club black-tie dinner, whispers began that Sharon was in the foyer and many guests filtered out hoping for a glimpse, and possible audition.

Then, the Prince of Darkness himself appeared and Ozzy shuffled around looking aghast at "all the people in penguin suits".

Backchat, like many of the guests, had to have a look and decided to ask Sharon whom she thought might win on X Factor, favourites Tabby or Rowetta?

A few expletives later, Backchat was able to glean that Rowetta was her wannabe of choice.