This week's winners
Capita up 1.96%
SVB up 4.32%

This week's winners Capita up 1.96%SVB up 4.32%

This week's losersZurich down 4.71%Goshawk down 2.8%The Innovation Group down 2.63%SVB's fortunes are in the ascendence. Operating profit is up 190%, from £10.9m in 2002 to £31.6m in 2003. Boardroom changes seem to have done the trick. And Peter Matson's Novae will be one to watch this year. As run-off business becomes even bigger business, rumours have begun circulating about CMGL, particularly since Aon has decided to sell Axiom. Gossip in the market ranges from an active MBO led by managing director Jerry McArthur to Ken Randall, run-off guru and money man behind Cavell. Cavell would not comment. But Zurich, which owns 100% of CMGL, would want the highest price so predictions are a sale.Next week, Lloyd's will post exceptional profits, up to £1bn according to analysts. But the investment crowd are split. One analyst said that the figures will be "good, but not as good as first expected". No doubt 2002 and 2003 will be record years but will 2004 and 2005 start to turn down? And will certain players stay in? Berkshire Hathaway in the form of Marlborough has passed its renewal rights to Hiscox for energy and marine. Also Heritage Managing Agency revealed plans to merge Syndicate 1245 into Syndicate 1200 for the 2005 underwriting year. So with consolidation and the rise of the listed entity in the 314 year-old market, will it one day float? Will we see Lloyd's plc?