Northern cities make up half of top 10 'most at risk'

Sunderland has emerged as the worst city in the UK for identity fraud risk, according to a new study by the Callcredit Information Group.

The research shows that the northern city has shot up the list of areas where the risk of exposure to ID fraud is greatest, from 15th place two years ago when Callcredit last conducted the exercise.

But the risk of being exposed to ID fraud has dropped in the capital, compared to other parts of the country, with just three London districts making it into the top 10 list of ‘most at risk areas’, compared to eight in 2008.

Perhaps reflecting the greater impact of the recession in the north of England, half of the top 10 areas on the list were cities from this region, with Liverpool, Manchester, Oldham and Middlesbrough joining Sunderland.

The risk of exposure was lowest in the south-east of England, with Guildford, Kingston, Reading and St Albans all among the 10 areas where the risk of exposure to ID fraud is lowest.

The study is based on matching up data on known fraud cases with other sets of information, like the electoral roll and unemployment statistics.

Most risk of fraud

1. Sunderland

2. London E

3. Liverpool

4. London SE

5. Manchester

6. Oldham

7. Middlesbrough

8. Uxbridge

9. London N

10. Wolverhampton

Least risk of fraud

1. Guildford

2. Kingston

3. Harrogate

4. Dorchester

5. Cambridge

6. Aberdeen

7. St Albans

8. Perth

9. Reading

10. Hereford