Ex-Independent Insurance managers have set up a website for redundant staff, with job vacancies and online discussions.

Former director and human resource manager Alan Clarke, who left Independent in March, thought up the exindependentstaff.com site shortly after the insurer's provisional liquidation.

Former communications manager Graeme Sutton, operations manager Brian Garner and international business development manager Harvey Wetherill helped Clarke with logistics and Matt Haine, web designer for Independent's marketing department, put the site together.

Wetherill said insurers could use the site to post jobs and staff could pass on information concerning their redundancy. He said staff were “a tight-knit group” and working for Independent had been hard, but fun.

“The site could go on for ever because there will always be ex-Indie staff who will want to keep in contact,” Wetherill said.

“Our plans are to move this to a full self-help group, so we can exchange advice on all sorts of issues.”