Unlike many of my fellow managers, I'm a great believer that women have a role to play in football. Mrs Ron Manager, for instance, makes a damn fine cuppa.
But I was gobsmacked to discover the identity of the inaugural Manager of the Month in the QBE Fantasy League.
Steph Murray has put all you insurance blokes to shame by cannily combining an Evertonian midfield of Arteta and Cahill, with Man City bad boy Joey Barton providing some bottom-baring relief on the left.
She modestly admits to having had a little help from her colleagues at Milestone Insurance: "It's been a bit of a joint effort".
Steph has judiciously used the transfer rule to make key changes to her team: "Jimmy Bullard was injured so I transferred him out."
Hot on Steph's heels are Farcalona and Uncle Sven's Eleven, managed by NU's Steven Duff and Sutton Specialist Risks' Gary Uren, respectively.
So come on fellas, pull your socks up. Don't let the fairer sex win for a second month in a row. I confidently expect normal service to be resumed in October and Steph's sisterhood to be vanquished.
Don't forget, there's £50K up for grabs... a few days' salary for the likes of Rio Ferdinand or Lloyd's Rolf Tolle, but not to be sniffed at for the rest of us.