The Supreme Court will hear test cases this week that will decide the future of English v Clipson.

English v Clipson was expected to significantly affect the operation of the conditional fee agreement (CFA) sector.

Senior costs judge Master Hurst will consider an important preliminary issue in The Accident Group (TAG) Test Cases that will have a major impact on English.

The appeal in English v Clipson is currently on hold, awaiting Master Hurst's judgment on the test cases.

Under the Conditional Fee Agreement Regulations 2000, a legal representative must explain aspects of the CFA to the claimant.

But, under the TAG CFA scheme, a TAG employee, not a solicitor, gives the explanation.

English v Clipson hinges on an argument about whether a TAG employee is acceptable as a legal representative in such a situation.

Beachcroft Wansbroughs partner Nick White, who is working on the test cases said he expected Master Hurst to deliver his judgment within a few weeks of the hearing.