The main issue I wanted addressed was how our Industry intends to tackle its negative external perception and reputation in order to both attract and retain young fresh talent.

The universal consensus from the table was of an unequivocal need to demonstrate the value and significance of the industry to all its potential new entrants.

This is so we can entice young professionals into a potentially diverse and highly rewarding career in insurance, while also retaining the experienced people from within the industry who may be lured away by the more 'attractive' financial services.

In general the panel of senior executives agreed with the view that all companies within our industry (including their own) should act as ambassadors and work collectively to entice new talent. However, there was no accord as to how it should be tackled or whose responsibility it is.

Young fresh talent is the future lifeblood of our ever-greying industry. While I felt there was an appreciation of this, I was left with the disappointing impression that none of the panel would be committing themselves or their respective organisations to spearhead any potential market-wide campaign to tackle this critical issue faced by our industry.

' Ben Buckton Allianz Cornhill