New sites will specialise in niche business lines

Insurance software provider Transactor Global Solutions Ltd (TGSL) is launching a platform for brokers and MGAs to support niche aggregation across a wide range of business classes in the New Year.

The sites will be built by cloud technology firm i-Wonder Aggregator Services using its i-PAS technology already deployed at aggregator GoCompare.

i-Wonder chief executive Steve Young said: “This is tried and tested technology. The great thing about i-PAS is that it is business class agnostic, and we can have these sites built in a matter of a few weeks. We are delighted to be working with Transactor on this exciting new project.”

TGSL director of insurer relations Simon Macray said: “We have selected i-Wonder Aggregator Services as our preferred trading partner in niche aggregation. We will continue to work with all the mainstream aggregators of course, but we can see massive marketing opportunities around SME commercial, non-standard personal lines, and other personal lines business classes outside of motor and household. 

“Along with other mainstream UK software houses, we have been working with i-Wonder in caravan, static, motorhome, non-standard motor and household for a year or two, and we were delighted when we were told they were widening their offering next year.  We think the market is ripe for this approach.”