London-based insurance software house TriSystems has developed an internet version of its underwriting administration system IMACS.

TriSystems, which acquired the IMACS product in mid-2001 from Olympic Underwriting Services, said the new system, IMACS Evolution, made underwriting support systems more accessible and more cost-effective to roll out and update.

TriSystems director Jeff Ward said: "IMACS Evolution offers the global market the opportunity to operate on a global basis through the web, without being bound by the issues of where the technology is sited."

The software, which is Java-based, can be used in a normal office network, directly through the web or through a virtual private network.

This means users can have instant remote access to their data - for example, when visiting a client - using exactly the same interface and functionality that they have in the office.

Four companies, including claims and runoff management company Claims Management Group have already bought the package.