Rsa's professional and financial risk division (Profin) pushed the boat out for the launch of its new product, Management Assurance.

It hired out the world wine centre, Vinopolis on London's south bank, and packed the room with 150 brokers for an evening of booze.

But it was surprising not to see marketing manager Pat Drinan among the speakers at the start.

The genial Irishman, blessed with the blarney, was otherwise engaged making his screen debut for CBNC Europe where he delighted the handful of viewers with a full two and half minute promotion.

Arriving later, he announced that the channel had 350,000 viewers, and added: “The interviewer asked me about the Budget, but I just talked about our product, Management Assurance. As all my staff will tell you, I am terribly driven.”

Close apparently, but Backchat later heard from a junior member of his staff that a more fitting description is “terrible drivel”. Just ask the 350,000 viewers of CBNC Europe.