Ahead of Blue Monday, 68% of employers admit to not utilising all available benefits of group risk products for staff, according to GRiD

More than two-thirds of employers are not using the extra support within group risk products.

According to new research by Group Risk Development (GRiD), only 32% say they do make full and regular use of the extra support.

Some admitted to using some of the extra support, or only using it occasionally, and over 10% admitted to either not using any of the additional support available or were completely unaware that any support existed at all.

15 January is referred to as Blue Monday, the day where it is said employees feel the strains of life the most. Whether it is the consequences of an expensive Christmas, or going back to work and with little on the horizon in terms of weather or holidays, morale is seen to be at its lowest on the third Monday of every year.

Ahead of Blue Monday, GRiD is urging employers to be vigilant to staff who may need extra help at this time and to encourage take-up of the support available via group risk products.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD said: “The support available via group risks products is wide-ranging, from employee assistance programmes and fast-track access to counselling through to support for staff affected by a colleague’s stress. It can also include mental health first-aid training for managers to spot the signs of mental ill health and stress, so they can be more effective in signposting staff to help.

“We want HR Directors to re-look at their group risk purchase and see what hidden treasures are not being adequately shared with staff. Increasingly the support services are available to the entire workforce, not just the insured population, and there is also help for line managers and business owners as well, so it’s worth the effort.

“Although the term Blue Monday may somewhat trivialise real mental health issues, the day could serve as a good reminder to ensure group risk benefits and support are better communicated and well used.”