Broker alliance Unitas has set a target of writing £20m in gross written premiums through its small business schemes by mid-2006.

Chief executive Les Jackson also said the alliance was looking to double that figure to £40m by mid 2008.

The schemes for property owners and credit risks were launched last year.

Jackson said that in 2005, the alliance would be concentrating on improving the technical capabilities of individual Unitas members.

"We are looking to make the technical knowledge available to everybody so that they fully understand the product and emerging and non-traditional risks, and can justify their decisions to the client fully."

He said work was being done on providing this information through the Unitas intranet.

Unitas members include Perkins Slade, Alec Finch Group, and Thomas, Carroll Group.

AIG quits panel
AIG has left the Unitas panel to be replaced by NIG. Unitas chief executive Les Jackson said AIG's departure was primarily in response to the

Spitzer investigation into AIG in the US.

Other panel insurers include NU, R&SA, AXA, Allianz Cornhill, and Chubb.