Concern over the failure of businesses to protect their intellectual property (IP) rights on their software developments has led the NCC Group to launch a special protection service.

It is intended to be used as a risk management tool in conjunction with insurance policies.

NCC, an international software assurance specialist, is providing the initiative for companies that invest considerable amounts in information technology ventures.

The new Escrow Secure service will protect software developments and business critical applications from the demise of software providers, breakdown of business relations or loss of IP rights. Under Escrow, a software source code is deposited securely with a third party to ensure business continuity and preservation of IP rights.

NCC Group director Rob Cotton said: “With sanctions against company directors ranging from fines to disqualification and even imprisonment, we predict much more scrutiny with regard to software security.”

He added that, as e-business took a hold in the economy, there would be a dramatic rise in risk awareness.