I read with interest the recent letter by Alex Couper of Cheaper Car Insurance (18 April, Insurance Times) and the later response. My view is that smaller and less well-known brokers and businesses should be encouraged in terms of their development.

Admittedly, insurance of all types is extremely competitive, but many organisations are only too keen on just getting business, but not necessarily in attempting to build long term relationships with customers.

While living in Glasgow, I had occasion to call on Cheaper Car Insurance Services for a quotation. I found its staff well trained and extremely helpful in their approach. The broker - Alex Couper - was on hand to deal personally with any queries. How different this type of service is, these days, to poorly trained call centre employees who know little about the insurance business and even less on how to interface with customers. It is a pleasant surprise to come across a business with such a caring approach.

Professor Philip J Kitchen

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