I found the debate on fraud (Question time, 1 December) very insightful, particularly the comments about why so many people find it acceptable to submit fraudulent claims.

I agree with panel views that people have the mind-set that insurance is part of "rip-off Britain" and they they should "get something back" for all the years they have paid claims.

But I also think the industry perpetuates this mind-set in two ways.

First, almost everyone believes insurers go out of their way to avoid paying claims. If consumers don't think firms play fair, how can we expect them to?

Second, fraud is just too easy. I recently had a minor motor accident and realised that the other person was vastly inflating his claim, turning a dislodged bumper into a virtual write-off of his boot.

Although I advised the insurance company of this, they said they would still pay out as investigation was often difficult, time-consuming and costly itself. This may be true but until the average person feels it is a little harder to commit fraud, the industry cannot expect levels to drop.

M Watson