Guy Browning takes a sideways look at insurance jargon

M is for
Malicious damage - Standard gossip

Malingering - When men buy the wrong kind of lingerie for their wife

Marine insurance - Insurance against the Marines invading the wrong country

Master cover - Iron cover over drains that should not be lifted

Material damage warranty - The removal of all breakable items in a house with children

Mathematical reserve - The inability of people who are good at maths to mix socially

Mean method of apportionment - Weightwatchers

Memorandum of association - Children from first marriage

Merger - Lowest form of Anglican cleric

Minimum rate - Pay scale for broker admin staff

Misdescription - Women's description of hideous friends as really good looking

Moral hazard - Sales director in back of taxi

Moratorium - Step before the crematorium

Mortgage - Modern kind of slavery

Mutatis Mutandis - Famous Greek shipowner