With regard to Paul Inskip's letter (Letters, 7 July), I believe [IIB director general] Andrew Paddick sent a response to Insurance Times to David Ingham's original letter explaining the IIB's position in detail, but perhaps it was too long to publish

Wholesale checking is a very important area for smaller brokers such as myself and we do not have the time or expertise to individually check each facility, nor would the wholesalers welcome repeated inquiries from placing brokers.

I am sure most wholesalers agree the facility is a practical solution for both parties but some of them don't like it because it comes from Andrew Paddick/the IIB.

Taking up the challenge often leads to unpopularity, but I hope you will agree that someone needs to take issue on matters concerning smaller brokers from time to time.

Bryan Whicher
Whichers Boylan & James
IIB director