Last week ex-Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson was guest speaker at a dinner celebrating Equity Red Star's 60th anniversary.

After his speech, one wag asked the motor guru what he felt about men who drove Aston Martin DB9 convertibles.

Knowing full well that his friend, Equity chief executive Neil Utley, drives such a car, an embarrassed Wilson responded: "Well, as my host is sitting only a few feet away, I should say it is a marvellous car. But as you are probably fully aware of my views, convertibles are just for girls!"

Poor Utley also took some sledging over his Mitsubishi EVO, which Wilson described as "a car driven by men with small penises".

The evening finished with a barnstorming speech from London market legend Terry Wellard who started out as a "query boy" in 1956.

"When I left Peckham secondary modern I got a number 42 bus - it broke down outside the Lloyd's building. And the rest is history," he said.