The liquidators of Independent Insurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, handed out a letter to brokers last Thursday at the briefing meeting hosted by Insurance Times and attended by more than 200 people. Our journalists made a computer scan of the letter at our offices and posted it on to the Insurance Times website ( straight after the meeting.

Some time later, the same scan of the letter appeared on the Post Magazine website. As the magazine now admits, its eager newshounds logged on to the Insurance Times website, cut out the letter and pasted it on to Post's own website, without permission and without acknowledgment.

Leaving aside any question of ethics, it's now clear how journalists from Post Magazine (soon to be re-named Paste Magazine) spend their time – namely glued to the Insurance Times website. Backchat is buying the domain name to hand over to Paste Magazine next time its journalism comes unstuck.

  • The name of Paste Magazine's owner – Incisive Media – accurately describes its fondness for the cutting part of cut-and-pasting. Backchat now expects it to set up a sister company – Adhesive Media – to manage the other half.

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