Travellers run the risk of invalidating their insurance

Medical conditions are knowingly omitted from travel insurance applications by 15% of people aged 45 to 50, according to research from AllClear.

And this figure increased to 20% for conditions diagnosed some time ago.

The main reasons for failing to declare the conditions were either because they thought the medical condition would not be a problem while abroad, or because they wanted to save money on their premium.

AllClear’s Garry Nelson said this led to the risk of travellers invalidating their insurance.

“Some have conditions that they consider so minor or that they have lived with for so long that they don’t think it will be a problem,” he said. “But the effect of changes in environment and climate upon conditions such as asthma or high blood pressure can result in an individual falling ill and needing medical treatment, and such treatment can be costly.

“If they have not declared that condition, then the insurer has every right to refuse the claim, and in the worst cases this can cost the individual many thousands of pounds.”