No upper age limit or medical exclusions

Mutual healthcare society Benenden Health has launched a travel insurance product underwritten by Mapfre.

Benenden Travel Insurance has no upper age limit and considers all medical conditions.

Beneden Wellbeing managing director Jon Craven said: “Benenden Wellbeing already has a core set of established products and we’re keen to deliver an additional range of quality products and services that extend our range in key areas.

“People want peace of mind when they go on holiday, knowing that if something does go wrong they’ll get the assistance they need, and we believe this product does just that.”

Broker AllClear will administer the scheme for policyholders aged over 65.

AllClear’s Head of Operations Linda Davis says: “Like Benenden Wellbeing, AllClear believes that everybody has the right to travel, and that neither age nor medical condition should be a barrier.”

“Whether we deal direct to the consumer, or are referred via a third party, we are delighted that through Benenden our specialist knowledge and skills will enable even more people to travel.”

In February, Biba extended its travel scheme with AllClear. The scheme covers elderly people and those with pre-existing medical conditions.