Deal with Allclear for customers with pre-existing medical conditions and no age exclusions

Biba has renewed a scheme to offer travel insurance for elderly people and those with pre-existing medical conditions for three years.

The deal with AllClear makes travel insurance available for people on existing hospital waiting lists and those still undergoing medical treatment, including chemotherapy. Optional ‘travelling companion’ cover provides others in the travelling party with cover if the medical condition of the insured forces them to cancel the trip.

Biba said the sheme has been improved to include increased cancellation limits for over 70s, removal of a £5,000 excess for non-declaration of a pre-existing condition, a new destination region with a 25% base rate reduction and a 48-hour stopover period for a higher rated region without charge.

Biba’s head of technical services, Steve Foulsham said: “While our members have been happy to use our standard travel insurance scheme it has been notoriously difficult for people to travel with pre-existing medical conditions.

“It’s important for customers of any age and of any medical condition to have access to travel insurance.”

Biba currently has 24 schemes in place for its members, and is hoping to increase this number. “We want to make sure we provide the right scheme for our members. If we see the opportunity for a new scheme, that’s when we consider it,” Foulsham said.

AllClear group marketing head Garry Nelson said: “With an ageing population, demand for this kind of cover has grown considerably, as evidenced by a proliferation of new providers.”

AllClear has specialised in travel insurance for eldery customers and those with medical conditions for 14 years.