A third of staff only staying put to avoid re-entering uncertain jobs market

exit sign

Two-thirds (67%) of the working population is likely to move on if offered a better job, according to a survey from recruiting firm Hays.

This means around 19m people would be prepared to quit.

However, a third (33%) of workers not currently looking for a job are only staying put to stay secure in a turbulent jobs market.

Just under a fifth (18%) believe there are no jobs that require their skills and 21% believe they would be unable to find a better-paid position.

Hays Insurance director Lloyd Rosenthal said: “These results indicate just how much the British workforce has suffered in recent years. Many workers feel disillusioned, over-worked and don’t always appreciate that there are opportunities out there for talented people. Many sectors are still looking for talented staff and there is currently a strong demand for insurance professionals.”

Rosenthal urged employers to motivate their staff to avoid losing skilled workers.